Oceans Group International

Oceans Group International

A Real Estate Development &
hospitality Consulting Company


Oceans Group International

"OCEANS GROUP INTERNATIONAL has helped our country become one of the premier places to Visit in the last 5 years because of the groups strategic approach to our developing economy."

-JUAN SILVERA (International Attorney, Panama) - 2014

Oceans Group International offers consulting in all areas related to developing resort communities. Specialized in working with independent brands, Oceans Group International has experience solving complicated issues and executing strategic plans relating to hospitality developments.

Our comprehensive understanding of the development process and digital marketing is unmatched by anyone else in the industry and we pride ourselves on executing plans in complex environments in a efficient manner. We have in-depth experience at navigating the complex global real estate market. 


Our Services

  • Planning and Consulting
    • Visioning and Feasibility Studies
    • Market Assessment
    • Competitive Assessment
    • Vision Creation
    • Branding
    • Design Refinement
    • Amenity Analysis
  • General Administration
    • Payroll
    • Vendor Management
    • Human Resources
  • Financial Planning and Management
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Banking
    • Debt Sourcing
    • Bank Reporting




  • Development Management
    • Acquisition
    • Pre-Construction
      • Architecture
      • Construction
      • Environmental
    • Construction Management
      • Project Management
      • Quality Control
      • Cost Control
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Branding Social and website
    • PR Syndication strategies/execution
    • Website Content & Landing Pages
    • IT Systems (POS and CRM)
    • Lead Management
    • Client Management
    • Design Center
    • Reporting
    • User Management

For more information on our project please contact info@oceansgroupintl.com